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Our Incredible Visionaries


With the courage to rise above the ordinary life, his determination sets an example for all in the diamond industry. Nothing is achievable if your hardwork doesn’t make the noise. Mr. Govind Dholakia, Chairman of Shree Ramkrishna Export, follows the mantra; if you do well for others, you will be rewarded.

He is one of the promoters of AirConnect. He always believes that one should give something irreplaceable to the society during their work cycle.

His support to AirConnect is one of the reasons that the company and its services are for the city people. The intra-state flying services have received more recognition than ever. Mr. Govind Dholakia, is a great supporter of AirConnect as a venture.

Savji Dholakia

Mr. Savji Dholakia, founder and chairman of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd; is another pillar of AirConnect. His hardwork is reflected through his work, where his company has affiliates in the US, Belgium, UAE, Hong Kong and China.

He visions for AirConnect to flourish by giving Surat citizens the service that they needed the most. He is known for appreciating his workers and teaching his close one the mantra to face the hardships of life. The ideology to introduce intra-state flying services in the city has got his back and AirConnect in today’s time is successfully connecting cities.

The calm and composed persona of Mr. Savji Dholakia, has been one reason that inspires the team at AirConnect to perform exceptionally well.

Lavjibhai Daliya

Mr. Lavjibhai Daliya, gave the business cycle of Surat city its maestro in architecture sector, Avadh Anjani Group Pvt. Ltd. The person who knows the value of development in depth, has always been keen on giving Surat the best of society.

His interest in incorporation of AirConnect played a great role of motivation. “Business is not complete without travel and the day the journey of hours into minutes became possible, Surtis knew their choice clearly,” says Mr. Lavjibhai Daliya.

A visionary thought of Mr. Daliya to indulge innovation at every step made AirConnect perform better than the previous one. He truly promotes the company to excel and turn dreams into reality.