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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Our Experts

Kartikey Garasia

Capt. Kartikey Garasia, CEO - AirConnect, holds a great knowledge at Aviation Management. The powerhouse of enthusiasm and determination has an experience of 18 years in Aviation industry. He has been working as Chief Pilot, Chief Flight Instructor and Examiner in more than five different countries.

He also has flying experience of uncountable hours. The captain also trains the aspiring youth and also gives them further opportunities to excel. He plays a very important role of recognizing the capable at their Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training.

He describes his experience in the industry through this phrase, “The journey has given solitude and space. It has tested patience, endurance and faith. And it is all the real worth.” Capt. Kartikey Garasia and his leadership has always given AirConnect a structured frame of discipline that has resulted into the heaps of company’s success.

Sandeep Mishra

The COO of the company and the most vibrant leader at AirConnect is Sandeep Mishra. He is the strength of the company for he has always lead things from the front.

The courage to take tough decisions and the compassion to meet the needs of the company in time are his leadership qualities. He believes that on-point discussions give better results than a lengthy one. Time is precious, and for the COO of AirConnect, time is all about performing par excellence within the deadline.

He always adds a dash of persistence to his passion and belief. He has the zeal to overcome the challenges with an ease. He keeps the team at AirConnect connected to all the events that lead to development and grand success.

Capt. Ramesh Kumar

The Chief Pilot at AirConnect, Capt. Ramesh Kumar is the one who makes the flying experience of the travellers better than ever. Like every other pilot, sky is his home too but he makes sure that his gain becomes AirConnect’s gain too.

He has flying experience of more than 2500 hrs and passenger’s positive feedback is the brownie points. On duty, Capt. Ramesh Kumar has always been punctual with his flight schedules.

He believes that it is the enthusiasm and determination that helps a pilot perform best, even under circumstances. His ability to achieve targets on-point, made him weathered the storms in the air.